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Buggy Policy

The use of privately owned buggies is restricted to members or visitors who are disabled or have medical or physical conditions which preclude the physical carrying of golf clubs. Fairfield Golf and Sailing Club will not accept liability for any loss or damage to privately owned buggies or any other property arising from the negligence of the Club or any of its servants or agents.

Dress Code - Clubhouse

In keeping with golfing traditions we ask members, visitors and guests to observe and respect our dress code, both on and off the course. Please abide by these simple rules so that we are not embarrassed by having to tell you and you are not embarrassed by being told. In the clubhouse - Any smart casual clothing, including denim, is acceptable. Gentlemen are asked to remove baseball caps and other hats.


Gress Code - On the Course

Acceptable: Clean golf, sports and casual wear - Tailored shorts of an appropriate length for golf - Men’s shirts tucked in, unless designed to be worn untucked - Hats and baseball caps (peak to the front) Golf shoes (no trainers or boots) Unacceptable: Track Suits - Camouflage Trousers - Rugby/Football Shirts or Shorts- Collarless Tee Shirt

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